Her Savior: Protected by the Biker Billionaire

by Olivia Fex

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Camden Blake. Women everywhere want a piece of the billionaire with a heart of steel. After all, men like him are a rarity. Most billionaires aren't careless enough with their life to ride a ducati and most careless men never live long enough to become billionaires.

Today, Kiara was lucky enough to land a job with his company. Not just any job, but a job working directly with the man himself. Excited to get home and tell her boyfriend; she hopes that maybe this is just what they need to put their life back on track and free him of his heavy addictions.

Little does she know but her life is about to be swept out from under her. Her boyfriend has unpaid debts and according to the mysterious man on the ducati beside her, there's a horde of men waiting at her house to collect. She has no choice but to get on and trust him.

Tonight, she's sleeping in the bed of a biker billionaire.