The Mind Rift Saga: The Morantian

by Guy Lozier

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The Morantian picks up where book one left off in the Mind Rift Saga. Auren unleashes the most powerful force in all the universes by accident. The King of the Faery seeks help from the Dwarfs and the Dragons to confront the Devian Hordes. Ru, the Queen of the Darklanders, stands against the King of the Devians. The new Guardian from the higher dimensions is kidnapped by Glaxus causing more Morantians to be sent to help battle against the Devians. Guy unleashes his imagination to bring the greatest depth into Dimensional Warfare taking his reader from the lowest dimensions to the highest dimensions and into timelessness. Then he opens time travel to bring the greatest complexity with highly evolved humans far into the future who cast their lot into the past to fight off the invading Devian Hordes that threaten all time-lines and dimensions. Guy's readers continue to call his work "Pure Genius" with complexity and twists to spare, that will leave you wanting more.