Profit & Lace: A Dark MMF Romance

by Naughty Angel Publishing

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*We took turns with her mother. Now it’s time to take the daughter.*
Both Carter Blake and I have been married to her stepmother in the past.
Both marriages ended in failure.
But now, the stepdaughter Eliza is in our sights.
She’s young. Headstrong.
Thinks she knows the world. Figures she’s seen it all.
She believes she can handle us.

*She has no idea what she’s in for. *

First, we’re going to train her.
When we tell her to get on her knees, she’s going to want to do it.
When we touch her, she’ll sigh. Tease her, she’ll moan.

*Please her, and she’ll explode. *

There’s forces stopping us, but if we can get past them, then the three of us will be unstoppable.
Because there’s only one thing better than a foot of man meat inside of you.
*And that’s two. *