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Loving my Twin Stepbrothers

Eve Singer

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Ever since the twins set their sights on me, my world has turned upside-down. It's been a whirlwind of love and lust for all three of us. But outside of their passionate embrace, I know the world will never accept us for who we are. It's not ready to understand three people in love, especially not with a relationship as taboo as ours.

I want to get married. I want us to all be one happy family. But sometimes, it seems like we're the only ones eager to make that happen.

On a train trip that was supposed to be our honeymoon vacation, I'll be forced to come to terms with the reality of our future. But how can I choose just one of the men I love when they're both so incredible, so delicious?

How can I choose when my heart belongs to them both?

Erotic Romance
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