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Return of the Traveler: A Waldgrave Novel

A.L. Tyler

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The portal has just been opened...

It's been ten years since Lena Collins left the Waldgrave property for an island in Greece. It was intended to be her prison. Instead, she's made it her home, and all of the secrets and skeletons in her past have remained safely buried and resting in peace.

They're about to be dug up.

Brandon, the child she's raised as her son, is about to open the portal and discover his destiny. There's another world out there, another race of telepathic beings, and another prophecy concerning the Traveler and the Magician.

The myths said the paradise would lead to paradise, but they were wrong. The lands on the other side are already inhabited, and the deadly methods of their monarchy rival the generations-long blood feuds of the Silenti Council.

As Lena and Griffin fight to save their children before fate consumes them whole, a new foe will emerge that will threaten far more than their lives. Someone will have to travel to the ends of the earth to prevent the next unstoppable prophecy from coming true: the end of Earth.

General Fantasy
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