Mr. President: A Billionaire and Virgin Fake Fiance Romance

by Naughty Angel Publishing

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They call me President Player. I got my finger on your button.
You wanna be the chief of my Staff?
Rub my 12-inch lust muscle till it shines?
I can make you explode with the flick of a wrist.
Give you what I like to call an Executive O.

When the media starts going after my bad boy lifestyle I know its time to switch it up.
That’s when I hire Ashley. She’ll pretend to be engaged to me so I can get the press off my back.
We gotta be careful and not get caught.
But its hard because she’s just so damn gorgeous.
I just want to push that tight little body of hers up against the wall.
Make her hail to her Chief. Over and over, till she can’t walk.
Yeah, the relationship may be fake.
But her face is telling me that the pleasure is simply Presidential.

America…it time to meet your future First Lady. Also known as…my fake fiancée.