The Silk Romance: A heartwarming contemporary romance

by Helena Fairfax

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"Deliciously different... A good story, a believable and charming romance, and utterly delightful." Alyssa Lynn Palmer reviews

A feel-good, heartwarming modern-day Cinderella romance

Sophie Challoner made her dying mother a promise to look after the rest of her family. Sophie throws herself into her responsibilities, forgetting to enjoy her own life while caring for others. But when Sophie's French grandmother throws a party for her in Paris, Sophie meets Jean-Luc Olivier – and she does something reckless and brilliant.
It's a night Sophie never forgets...
Years later, Sophie and Jean-Luc are reunited, and Sophie realises her Prince Charming isn't the shallow socialite she thought. Jean-Luc is a force to be reckoned with…

"Unforgettable, powerfully intense and beautifully written" Caroline Barker, A Reader's Review