The Scottish Diamond: A Romantic Suspense Novella

by Helena Fairfax

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Mystery, romance and page-turning twists in this suspenseful novella set in Scotland
"Fair is foul, and foul is fair..." What if you can no longer trust anyone...even the man you love?
When Lizzie Smith starts rehearsals for Macbeth, she's convinced the witches' spells are the cause of a run of terrible luck. Lizzie's bodyguard boyfriend, Léon, is mysteriously turned down for every job he applies for, until he's finally offered the job of guarding "The Scottish Diamond", a fabulous jewel from the country of Montverrier.
But the ancient diamond has a history of intrigue and bloody murder, and Lizzie is plagued by nightmares in which Macbeth's witches are warning her of danger. When she discovers she's being followed through the streets of Edinburgh, it seems her worst fears are about to be realised...

The Scottish Diamond is a standalone story. Lizzie and Léon first met in the romantic suspense novella Palace of Deception, which is set in the Mediterranean country of Montverrier.