Old Friends

by Marie Cole

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Are You Ready for Elly and Kent's HEA?

Ten years later, with Kent’s relationship crashing to an end, he turns to his ever-faithful friend Elly for support. However, the torch Elly always carried for Kent has burned down to a stub. She’s moved on with her life and is involved with a new guy.

But when Elly’s relationship ends as well, she can’t help turning to her lifelong BFF, Kent. But Kent’s unwilling to settle for just being friends with benefits. Will Elly find the courage to let him into her heart again, or will they forever remain #JustFriends?

Previously published as "Waiting For the Chance." Content has not changed, just the packaging.

Series Order
Just Friends (Kent & Elly - College)
Old Friends (Kent & Elly - HEA)
Friends Again Novella (Jen & Dominic - HEA)
Fast Friends (Rio & Stacy - HEA)
Secret Friends (James & Ainsley - HEA)