Storm Song

by Kimberly James

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She's a young woman fighting for control. He's the guy who makes her want to lose it.

Caris is determined not to let a little thing like discovering she’s another species of human ruin her senior year of high school. But her quest for ordinary is thwarted by haunting dreams and the storms they invoke; an out-of-control power too seductive for comfort and much too dangerous. As her bond with Noah deepens, new problems ignite. For Caris, the mere thought of Noah can conjure a thunderstorm. One touch from him can send the sky into chaos.

After a life-threatening incident, Caris is forced to seek the help of her father, Athen Kelley, the one man she has vowed to avoid. Athen enables Caris to see herself as extraordinary and offers her the chance to take the thing she has come to want most—a place in her new tribe. Only the price might be too great if it pits the two most important men in her life against each other.

On a night that promises to fulfill her dreams, tragedy strikes in the form of ultimate betrayal, and Caris’s world is shattered. Embracing a power that at once frightens and thrills her, Caris must decide how far she will go to protect those she loves. Even if it means pushing them away.