Water Bound

by Kimberly James

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After tragic events robbed her of the love of her young life and the baby she carried, eighteen-year-old Erin Shaw is ready to move on. Erin has something to prove, not to anyone else, but to herself. Focused on volleyball and grades, Erin’s goal is to get through senior year of high school and then she’s shaking off her coastal town along with the smells and sounds of the ocean that act as constant reminders of what will never be.

The one thing Erin isn’t interested in is a boy. She’s been down that road and it ended in heartbreak. But when Erin bumps into Michael Bray, the local basketball hero—who’s one part geek and one part jock—it’s all she can do to resist his understated charm. Their budding friendship quickly spirals into something deeper and after one kiss on a moonlit beach, Erin rediscovers something she thought she lost forever—hope.

But if Erin has learned one truth, it’s not to get too comfortable because everything can change in an instant. And one instant is all it takes for her past to come crashing back into her life with an all-consuming force. Now her future seems not entirely in her control, and Erin is faced with the impossible choice between remaining true to a vow she once made or remaining true to the young woman she’s become.