Rescued by the Dragon Lord

by Alexa Skye


Willa knows exactly what she wants. Unfortunately the stall she set up in the market isn’t exactly bringing in the riches she was hoping for. That’s why when old money comes striding up in expensive riding boots the little herb seller is sure all her dreams have finally come true.

Why, then, is she finding it so hard to forget that tall, dark, scruffy hunter she met on the bridge? Is it his velvet voice? His masculine power? Maybe it's just that otherworldly mystery that hides beneath those impossible eyes of his. Whatever it is, she is not interested. Or, at least, that’s what she keeps telling herself.

When the strange outsider rescues her from a waking nightmare and takes her back to his mountain lair, she’s left with plenty of time to work out exactly what makes him so intoxicating. He’s still completely unsuitable, of course, but as hard as she tries she can't help falling for him piece by piece. She better watch out, though. Matthial hides a bigger secret than just his past, and Willa is about to learn that some fairytales are real.

And that she's just met one.

Escape to a new world with 106,000 words of standalone paranormal fantasy romance. No cliffhanger ending, and happily ever after guaranteed.

Intended for mature readers. Contains: heart-racing shifter action, sizzling sex, and sweet love.