The Second Prince

by Maya King

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Everything changed for Prince Rallin Draken the day he received his gift from the gods, for that was the day his older brother Mikah, heir to the throne of Sezaria, was murdered. The second prince grew up knowing he was never destined to rule the kingdom. Now, with his father King Garrin gravely ill, the reality of Rallin's future is becoming unavoidable. That doesn't stop him from sneaking out of the country to meet with the recently crowned Queen Sarra Yurric of Tillia, Rallin's childhood friend and love.

Just thirty years removed from the most brutal war the world has ever seen, Sarra is doing everything in her power to keep the unprecedented period of peace going. However, with the aggressively expanding military of Kardan to the north, led by a mysterious young leader known only as the Black Dragon, war may be coming for her and Rallin both.

The two young rulers with have to adapt and learn what it means to be leaders - and for Sarra, that may include sacrificing the prince she loves for the sake of her kingdom.