Mr. Taurus

by Cora Kaine

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Kat Wilson's estranged father has passed away, leaving everything he owned to his 25 year old starving-artist daughter. However, this means Kat must travel back to her childhood home for the first time in 15 years.

In the midst of all this chaos, commitment-phobe Kat is thrown another curveball - her childhood best friend Caleb Farley has grown up, and he's got a gorgeous body to prove it. Caleb has also been nursing a crush on her the entire time she's been away.

A relationship is the last thing Kat wants, but will a return to her country roots remind her of the warmth of love and family? Or will she betray her family and Caleb and sell off the treasured restaurant her father left to her?

The Zodiac Series is a series of loosely connected novellas that can be read in any order. Each leading man encapsulates the personality traits of his zodiac sign.