Mr. Gemini

by Cora Kaine

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It started with a silly bachelorette party game…

It’s called the Name Game. Although Meg is usually a shy and laid-back office worker, tonight she is Griffin, a sexy artist out clubbing with friends. The goal is to get as many phone numbers as possible, and the competition is fierce. However, when she meets James Krane, any thoughts of the game, or her best friend’s bachelorette party, are out of her mind completely.

What Meg doesn’t know is that James overheard the rules of the Name Game. He knows “Griffin” isn’t at all that she seems - but James isn’t either. His day job happens to be one of the country’s most popular romance authors, and he sees Meg as a great source of inspiration to battle his current bout of writer’s block.

The Zodiac Series is a series of loosely connected novellas that can be read in any order. Each leading man encapsulates the personality traits of his zodiac sign.