It happened in Vegas...

When Kara wakes up naked and severely hungover after her first night ever in Las Vegas, the last person she expects to be greeting her is her high school best friend Andrew Murray. And in the six years since their friendship had suffered from a sudden end, Andy had grown up and become a stunningly attractive man.

Andy never expected to see Kara again, and his attraction for her is instant, like no time had passed at all since he was an awkward teenager nursing a crush on her. He's more than willing to help her retrace the steps of her night in Vegas to find her lost best friend - anything to spend more time with the girl of his teenage dreams. But what will happen when she has to return home to California? Can he let his dream girl get away yet again?

The Zodiac Series is a series of loosely connected novellas that can be read in any order. Each leading man encapsulates the personality traits of his zodiac sign.