Loving the Biker Billionaire

by Kenzie Haven

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I was falling for a dangerous man with deadly secrets…

Spending two weeks with the sexy billionaire biker Anton Aquis was enough to have me addicted. Every time he caressed me, I craved more. When his succulent lips pressed against my soft skin I would fall into a wild ecstasy.

The way his eyes filled with a passionate fire when he stared at me made my insides shudder in thrilling delight. His fingers did things to me that made my body ache in all my wicked places. We had this undeniable connection that was way beyond words.

But Anton was trouble. With his recent arrest making headline news, the media was determined to slander his name and break us apart. But it was too late for me, I was already hooked on his undeniable charm and nothing in the world could make me leave him.

I just hoped he felt the same way…