The Fallen Angels Collection Book 1-3

by Dominique Mondesir

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Nearly 800 pages of lightning paced action. Get the first three stories in the Fallen Angels Series! For the price of 1!

“I love this Author! His style brings you into the story and keeps you there the entire book. I would definitely recommend this series.”

Origins Book 1

Destiny chooses you...

Finding out his life is a lie--full of myths and misconceptions.
Perez battles a world full of danger and fear.
Where he must learn to survive and adapt. 
But fighting the lies while facing off 
Against cunning, ruthless angels
May result in Perez's downfall.

In a world full of relentless villains and disloyal confidantes, one angel must accept his true identity...

Betrayal Book 2

Trapped in a war with no way out...

Bound and determined, Perez searches for 
An escape from enemies who are closing in.
Using strength and intelligence,
He desperately tries to outwit his pursuers.
Secrets threaten to destroy the trust Perez bestowed 
Upon the only allies he has.
Only having a small circle of those he can trust
Perez searches for help as time begins to run out.

Takeover Book 3

Broken heart, broken mind, broken body...

Being left for dead, Perez must face his greatest challenge yet.
Survival. Simple for most, but not for him.
With Monroe in danger, all seems lost,
As an unknown angel finds himself closer to victory,
A victory that Perez knows will bring about
Many twists and turns of events that could ruin them all.
Now, it's up to Perez, broken and shattered, to find the courage and strength to save all that he holds dear, before the takeover.