Rowan: Woodsmen and City Girls

by Amber Burns

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Money, consumerism, companionship... I left it all behind years ago. I didn't have to, with my looks and drive I could of had it all.
But I knew, deep down, that wasn't what I wanted. I needed fresh air in my lungs, grass under my feet and sweat running down my brow as I built my own life.
So I left, I left it all behind and built what I wanted.
But one thing was missing, something the seductively dancing fire reminded me of time and time again.
I was missing... her.

I've worked hard, damn hard, to get myself to where I am today. I make good money and use it to enjoy life to it's fullest.
When a gruff and mysterious woodsman rescued me after getting lost, I didn't expect to fall in love.
Not only with him, but with his life, his simplicity.
Is this a man, and a lifestyle, I can spend my life with?

Rowan: Woodsmen and City Girls Book 1 is a full length HOT AND STEAMY standalone romance with NO CLIFFHANGER and a HEA. Rowan is a bearded, sculpted specimen of a man who falls desperately in love with the city girl he saves from the woods. Intended for 18+ audiences.