by Alexx Andria

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I DESPISE HIM, BUT HE'S THE ONLY MAN WHO CAN SAVE ME.Charlie—MMA fighter Damon McAvoy is not my knight in shining armor. Instead of saving me, he plans to deliver me to a dirty king pin. I should hate him but I can’t keep my hands off him.Damon—Charlie Williams belongs to a man who owns Detroit. She’s not mine, nor will she ever be. I should deliver her to her owner and save my ass, but I can’t quit her.
Even if loving her may cost me my life.
Warning: This is a bad boy romance with dark themes and an ultra-satisfying HEA. No cliffhangers! It is over-the-top sexy with all the dirty sweetness you’ve come to expect from an Alexx Andria read.Bonus! There is a SECOND full-length novel included for your reading pleasure (just in case you missed it the first time around!)♦♦♦

I left Davonte’s place feeling like a piece of shit but at least I was alive.
That was something, right?
Everyone was someone else’s bitch, that was just life.
Survival was something I was used to.Same shit, different day, that’s all this was.
So why did I feel like I’d just slathered myself in raw sewage for the promise of moldy bread?
I shoved the mental image of her curled in my bed, looking like a sweet morsel that my mouth wanted to devour.
Yeah, she was hot.
I got why Davonte was hard for her.
But there was something deeper than pure lust that got men twisted like Davonte was over this woman./p>I knew this because I felt it, too.
I knew it the minute I saw her.
That spirit, that innate glow.
It made simple men like me want to bask in that light, roll around in it, in the hopes that some of that beautiful energy might rub off.
Not that it was possible.
Men like me, like Davonte, just tainted things that were pure.No wonder Charlie didn’t want anything to do with Davonte — the man stank of corruption.
And now I was going to bathe in that rot, too.
I wouldn’t say that I suffered from an abundance of conscience but something kept pinching at me.
Get your head out of your ass, I grumbled to myself. I had to find Charlie or I was dead.
That was the long and short of it.
Davonte was giving me one week to return his prize girl and I was going to deliver.