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Irreversible: The Hitman & The Heiress

Alexx Andria

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But I couldn't pull the trigger. Now we're both on the run and the clock is ticking.

Don't confuse me with a good man. My business is killing people and business is good.
I'm a selfish prick, always looking out for No. 1.
That is, until I saw her.
Breezy Grace, all long legs, geeky awkwardness, and an heiress to a billionaire fortune.

Something in me growled, MINE.
I should've finished the job but I was obsessed with the nerdy virgin in a way that spun me in circles.
I'll never be good enough for her but that doesn't stop me from tasting, touching, needing, owning...
Once I know she's safe, I'll walk away.
Until then...I'm going to ruin her.

Warning: This is a bad boy romance, with no cheating, and a gut-wrenching HEA. It is over-the-top sexy with all the dirty sweetness you've come to expect from an Alexx Andria read.

Enjoy an excerpt!
She was a pain in the ass.

And I was tired of her yammering.

I was an action man, not a negotiator.

I strode toward her, immediately crowding her space and causing her to yelp when I bracketed her against the old fridge.
Breezy's big eyes widened like an owl's as she trembled like a leaf in a stiff wind.

Everything about her intrigued me. Down to the sudden and baffling need to taste that sassy mouth.

But I wasn't about to do that -- not until I figured out what the hell was going on, both with her and myself.

"Now, that I have your attention...I'm going to say this once and once only," I said in a low but firm tone, inadvertently catching a whiff of the citrusy scent of her hair. "We're not leaving this place until I can figure out why someone wants you dead because here's the thing, it doesn't actually matter why I didn't pull the trigger. All that matters is that I didn't. Now our fates are tied together. I might've just screwed myself for backing out. We'll see. So, in the meantime, you're going to be a good girl and do as you're told...and that includes eating what I put in front of you."


The tiny shake in her voice belied the bold question.

"Or, I take these little hands," I grabbed her wrists in a quick movement, jerking her arms above her head and holding her there. She barely had time to squeak before I was nuzzling her neck, murmuring, "and tie them to the motherf*cking bed and feed you like a goddamn baby bird. You feelin' me, Sassy Pants?"

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