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The Musician (A Romance Novel)

Lola Sinclair

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Twenty-three-year-old violinist Nicholas Spencer has a weakness for redheads. Older redheads, to be precise. Ever since the day he first laid eyes on his high school music teacher, he’s been chasing after redheads and bedding them to satiate his lusts.

Until the day gorgeous blonde Fiona Ward accidentally tricks him into chasing after her . . .

For her thirtieth birthday, Fiona Ward gets a ticket to see violinist Nicholas Spencer’s recital at the Opera House. Itching for a new sexy look, she dons a red wig and heads out. When she catches the virtuoso’s lustful gaze, she has no idea it’s because of her “red hair.” She naively believes it’s mutual attraction.

She has no idea what she’s getting herself into.

Contemporary Romance General Romance
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