Sin & Lazia 3: By Any Means...

by Mz. Venom

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From being molested to running up on dudes in the hood and dodging bullets. Shalazia is in protective mode, when she’s told by her cousin Me’Kya Martinez a-k-a Mecca; that James put a hit out on Sincere knowing about it. Shalazia did the only thing her heart told her to do, which was to protect her man. She would protect her family by any means necessary, even if it meant dying in the process. The one thing Shalazia didn’t know was that her cousin didn’t like her and wanted her dead. Mecca hated her cousin, because of the love that everyone showed her.
Mecca hated that her own father, cared about Shalazia more and treated her like his own. Even though Mecca and Shalazia were extremely close growing up; without anyone realizing it, she no one held so much animosity towards her cousin. But when money is the motive and a higher position, becomes a greater value than the love and loyalty a family should hold for each other. Anything is bound to happen, especially when you have an envious family member that wants what you have. Rob comes up missing and everyone suspects James was behind it all; Which wasn’t the case this time. In fact, James gave up a little bit of information to help find Rob, which Shalazia’s aunt, Rachel finds useful.
Who would’ve thought that an enemy could be helpful? What would you do, if you found out that one of your family members wanted you dead? What would you do?