Sin & Lazia 2: By Any Means...

by Mz. Venom

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She walked out of the front door of the home she was molested in at the age of 12, and into the arms of her grandmother, Maria Martinez. Maria fought in court for her granddaughter, in order for Shalazia not to go to that drug infested house. She promised she would keep her safe and out of harm’s way, and that is what she did. They moved to a new neighborhood and into a big house that Maria Martinez owned. She put Shalazia through school and learned that she had the I.Q of a young genius, graduating high school, college, and finishing as a post-graduate by the age of 16. After she’d gone back to school as an undergraduate, she went home on break to find out that her grandmother had passed away from cancer.
When she met Sincere, things for her changed for the better. He became her protector and she became his everything. Sincere and Shalazia both came from bad situations that turned out to be almost perfect when they met. From good to bad, Shalazia and Sincere learn how to deal with each other and the drama circling around their relationship. When the unknown pops up out of the blue, what happens when shock spreads throughout Shalazia and Sincere’s household?
Shalazia meets Cynthia and Lovely for the first time and under the circumstances, Shalazia is feeling uncomfortable and left in the dark. Shalazia and Lovely doesn’t seem to hit it off. During their first encounter, things get a little heated between them. On top of the sisterly drama over Sincere, Shalazia learns that Sincere is going back to Bridgeport, Connecticut to handle business with James. Shalazia finds out that Sincere is walking into a setup by going back to Bridgeport. He has to look into the murder of his father and find his brother. The pressure is on, especially with Shalazia.