Sin & Lazia: By Any Means

by Mz. Venom

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From the young age of sixteen, Sincere Jones finds out how hard it is to deal with the death of his mother and stepping up to take care of his twelve-year-old sister. In order to avoid being two lost teenagers in the system, they were forced to live with their only aunt, Teresa. She took them in to get over on the state and get more cash assistance and more food stamps and made them her personal slaves.
When Sincere gets hit by a stray bullet, he realizes that enough is enough. He leaves his aunt’s house with his sister in tow. By the age of 18, Sincere had already graduated high school and finished college. By 22, he had multiple businesses. Then, he is introduced to the love of his life, Shalazia Marie Martinez.
Once Sincere steps into Shalazia’s almost perfect world, they realize how much they have in common. It was love at first-sight and they soon build a bond that couldn’t easily be broken. Shalazia opens up to Sin about her childhood and the dark past she endured being raised by her grandmother. And he shares his past with her, making their connection deeper. But when Shalazia is shot and an enemy surfaces, the drama really begins.
But will Shalazia be strong enough to face her past once again? Follow Sincere and Shalazia on their journey and see what happens. It’s worth it!