Remy & Cam 3: No Love Lost

by Mz. Venom

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Remy thought her problems were finally going to be over after leaving Connecticut. Boy, was she wrong… Drama just seems to follow her wherever she goes. To her, leaving Connecticut is the best thing that could happen after she and her little cousin witnessed the death of her uncle, Kendrick. So many bodies have piled up around her and Remy was at the point of losing her sanity. Thinking that she’s safe with three of the most loyal and trusted members of Cam’s squad; she’s wrong. After falling asleep in the car passing through New Jersey and entering PA; Remy finds herself drugged in a darkened room. Feeling groggy and struggling to stand on her own two feet; Remy attempts to free herself and Ticia, but things aren’t looking good for either one of them.
With Cam in Miami assisting Lisa on her journey to retrieve her three kids and escort them back to Connecticut; Camarri is unaware of Remy’s current situation. After finally learning that his fiancé is in a sticky situation, he makes a decision to leave Lisa in Miami with Kendra while he rushes to aid Remy. When he finally makes it to Pennsylvania, he learns that things aren’t so good. He is told to come straight to the hospital where Remy is bruised and battered and La’ticia is fighting for her life. What do you think will happen?
When Remy and Cam’s troubles are resolved and the drama has finally calmed down; Remy is able to start her family and gave birth to her son, Rahmeen Joel Harris. Once Rahmeen turns a year old, they began to plan the wedding Remy always wanted. But with Kendra in aboard attending school will Remy be happy without her sister being there for her on her special day? Remy has a secret that she knows will make Cam happy and only Renita knows what it is. Will she get a chance to reveal her secret and will Cam be happy about it? Will Remy and Cam finally find peace or will more drama find them in the end?