Remy & Cam 2: No Love Lost

by Mz. Venom

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When Remy learned that she was pregnant with Camarri's baby, things for her start to quickly fall apart. Remy and Cam weren't always seeing eye to eye and were constantly arguing about her decision to abort their unborn child. She didn't want to bring a baby into the world knowing her life was in danger. She thought getting rid of it was the best thing until she saw how hurt Cam had become. As soon as she decides to keep the baby, her life instantly gets flipped upside down. Jerome had, once again, succeeded in making her life a living hell.

While looking for Remy with hopes of saving her and his unborn seed, Cam learns that Jason, Remy's father, set the whole kidnapping in motion. After giving Jason an ultimatum, he set out to find his fiancée with no luck at first. But then he calls on Kenya for information. When she refuses to be the truth to set his mind at ease, Cam decides to make her speak the truth by force. Remy was found walking the streets with Shymeek, both bloody and beaten to the point she couldn't walk on her own.

Remy later learns that she has a sister, and a clueless aunt named Lisa comes out in the open. Cam is distraught as he finds out the hard way her sister ain't as loyal as she appears to be. Cam learns, you can't always trust family to have your back. Will Remy survive the harsh and deadly beaten Jerome gave her? Will Cam turn the city of Bridgeport upside down in search of Jerome or Remy's father, Jason?