Unappreciated: Enough of No Love

by Mz. Venom

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Young Kanita Johnson has been through hell and back in her short lifetime. Currently serving time for the murder of her children's father, her best friend and two others, Nita is quickly losing her grip on reality. She's constantly having visions of the loss of her children, and the night she took five people's lives. Before her demons can hold her hostage any longer, due to her good behavior and insanity plea, she is released from prison... or so she thinks. While Kanita is incarcerated, her friends and family continue to live their lives, but also change in the process.

After leaving her abusive boyfriend, Justice, Layla moves in with her friend, Dominique. Only there for a short time, considering Nique is never there and barely says anything to her, Layla decides to go back home to the family she's abandoned, for the sake of her unborn child and their safety. Her parents forgive and accept her with open arms, but not everyone is so forgiving. Justice soon finds Layla and all hell breaks loose. Will she be able to escape her past, or has it finally caught up with her?

Kaneisha finds herself going through a stressful situation with her ex-boyfriend, Shawny. Knowing he'll take her back, she decides to make him suffer. He needs to learn from his mistakes of being the cheating boyfriend and do better by her. Trying to avoid going through the same things her twin sister, Kanita is going through, she avoids being around Shawny completely.

What happens to cause the two of them to reunite? Can Shawny accept who Kaneisha really is? Find out what happens when the dead comes back to life and all of these ladies lives are affected by their actions.