Unappreciated 2: No Love Lost

by Mz. Venom

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Just when she started to pull herself together and get her mind right, Kanita’s life takes a turn for the worse. Almost four months after being beaten and raped by her ex, Maine, Kanita finds out that she is once again pregnant with his child. While trying to keep it a secret from him and others around her, she decides to stop running from the law and face her reality. With her attorney and current boyfriend, A’Monte by her side, Kanita turns herself in to her probation officer and explains everything that she’s been going through since being released from prison. Her probation officer, Nadia Perez gives her another chance to fix her life and allows her to remain a free woman.

While staying with A’Monte, an unexpected guess drops by to pay Kanita a visit and attempts to take her and her unborn baby’s life. While she’s laid up in the hospital in critical condition, her twin sister, Kaneisha aka Nena steps back into assassin mode while going in search to find the person that attempted to kill her sister. When she finally finds out who the person is, she’s less than thrilled. Nena and Diamond come together to go after their own best-friend, Simone and her cousin, Zonique. After Nena pulls out her gun and starts busting shots, Simone and Zonique take off running up the block, causing Nena and Diamond to lose track of them, only to catch up with them later.

Once Nique finds out who Kanita’s probation officer is, she attempts to keep her best-friend out of jail by attempting to sweet talk the P.O. Not only was Nadia, Nique’s probation officer at one time, but she was also one of Nique’s side chicks. Nique thought she could get Nadia to talk it easy on Nita, by having a simple friendly conversation with her. But what Nique didn’t realize is, everything comes with a price. Nadia forces Nique to gamble with Kanita’s freedom. It’s either sex with Nadia, or jail time for a pregnant Kanita Johnson.

What’s going to happen to Kanita now that Maine knows she’s pregnant with his baby? Will Nique figure out a way to keep Kanita out of Jail, or will Nadia fail at getting a grip on Nique’s mind and body or will she violate Kanita’s probation and toss her ass back in prison?