Active Income Streams: Side Income Opportunities For Achieving Financial Freedom

by Kristi Patrice Carter J.D.

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Your financial story doesn’t have to be about living paycheck to paycheck or not being able to build a substantial savings account. You can rewrite that story with a little extra effort, a change in mind-set, and access to over twenty active income streams.

In author Kristi Patrice Carter’s newest book, Active Income Streams: Side-Income Opportunities for Achieving Financial Freedom (Working as Much or as Little as You Desire), you’ll learn how to move into the “success mind-set" so you can take control of your life and your finances without working nine hours a day, seven days a week.
Utilizing her signature friendly voice and straightforward approach, prosperity expert Kristi Patrice Carter shares her active-income-stream knowledge and experience to
help you live a life free of financial burden and stress.

Become an Active-Income Overachiever
Get ready to turn your skills and passions into moneymaking ventures with Carter’s comprehensive guide to active income streams. Choose from over twenty options, such as:
•Freelancing (writing, administrative, graphic and web design, and more)
•Social Media Marketing
•Mystery Shopping
•Usability Testing
•Forum Posting
•Mock Juroring
•Crafting and Selling
•Clinical Trial Participant
•Rideshares and Running Errands
•And much more!