Kissed by the Reaper

by Rebekah R. Ganiere

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Some loves are worth battling both heaven and hell to keep.

Rose committed an unpardonable sin right before she died. As penance, she has been reaping souls for Lucifer for over twenty years. On Halloween night while ushering souls back to hell she runs into the mysteriously handsome Elijah - An Angel masquerading as a Jumper.

Elijah has spent the last twenty years jumping from body to body to stay hidden on Earth. But when he finds himself mortally wounded there is only one person he can turn to for protection. The feisty and beautiful Reaper who tried to kill him the year before. And the very reason he's running from both Heaven and Hell in the first place.

With Elijah recuperating in her bed, Rose is summoned by her boss to hell where he makes her a proposal. Find the Jumper Elijah, deliver his soul, and be set free, Or fail and become Lucifer’s bride forever.

It should be an easy choice. Problem is, Elijah’s the first person Rose has been able to touch in the last twenty years. And his presence stirs hidden memories from her human life– Memories involving him.

Torn, Rose will have to make the ultimate decision. Choose Elijah or choose herself.