Consumed by the Billionaire

by Chelsea Cash

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Who knew that a weekend with a billionaire would completely transform me….

When I got hauled off to Vegas for the weekend and told to get laid by my best friend, I giggled. Me? A simple teacher getting pounded in Sin City? Yeah, okay…

But then, I met the gorgeous, mysterious Mr. Jakes, and he completely changed my world. Our two nights together would eternally haunt my mind and body. Every flashback I had of him inside me made my insides quiver and melt. The way his enchanting green eyes looked when they were filled with passion would forever leave me breathless…

After leaving Vegas, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. His commanding words and wicked touch had created an ache inside me that could only be satisfied by him. No other man would do.

I needed him... but did he need me? Would he call? Most of all, would I ever see him again?