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Awakening: The Prince of Nabalar

Diana Flame

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One prophecy. One girl. One Galaxy.

When a human becomes the most important thing to a planet that is light years away from earth, then there must be something seriously wrong. As fate would have it, one such human exists.

In a sector where the evil thrive and the innocent is punished for deeds they have not committed, enters one woman from earth who threatens the plot of the evil forces. Her coming was foretold by a prophecy.

The Oracles declared that one would arrive to awaken the Z’raschein. It was determined that the one to arrive would fulfill the prophecy; “When moon embraces sun it emits new light.”

She has arrived and has fallen for the prince, but the threat of the evil Overlord is immense. What will Ariella do when her marriage to the prince is threatened? Will she return to earth or stand to fight?

WARNING! This novel contains explicit sexual content that is suitable for 18+ adults.

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General Science Fiction Romantic Suspense General Fantasy
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