My Romantic Comedy: Happy Ending Book 3

by Mary Kelly Reed

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This is the third book of the series: MY ROMANTIC COMEDY
1st book (Once upon a time) Publication date: AVAILABLE
2nd book (Interlude) Publication date: AVAILABLE



Erin has always believed in true love, like in fairy tales and romantic comedies. When she realized her Prince Charming still hadn’t made his appearance, she decided to start her quest for happiness by trying out her favorite romantic comedies in real life.
Even though he still hasn’t crossed her path, her life has become more joyful, more colorful, and more interesting. Even more marvelous: everyone around her has found happiness. So she's starting her journey again, more motivated than ever.
One Fine Day, The Holiday, While You Were Sleeping, Letters to Juliet, Love Actually, so many beautiful stories to try out! Which will be the scenario for her next adventure? Why not draw inspiration from the film Ella Enchanted? The perfect combination of a romantic story and a magical world. Maybe the fairies of her childhood who are watching over her will finally write her happy ending.


“Are you planning to knock me out with that book?”
“Your expression isn’t very comforting about your intentions,” he says while taking the book from my hands. “For a moment there, I thought you were going to toss it at my head.”
“You’re imagining things. Why would I want that?”
“Because Brooke is bringing out your irrational side?” he smiles mischievously.
“I thought I was clear about one thing: I don’t want to talk about Brooke.”
“Very well. So let’s talk about your meeting with my father.”
“It was very instructive and very interesting.”
“I don’t doubt that. He called me to ask when our relationship will become official.”
“You should tell him that we would need the approval of your real girlfriend.”
“I’ll do that next time.”
And to think that I spent my whole evening waiting for him to deny that he was in a relationship with Brooke! I try not to show my despair. The girls were right. If you play with fire, you’ll get burned.


When everyone is gone, I fall on the couch, exhausted. The evening has been too intense for me in the end. Matt, the last one still remaining, doesn’t seem to be affected.
“Did you see my mother’s face? She must have thought that this was her chance to get rid of you, and my confession destroyed her hopes.”
“That’s true, but still she seemed shocked that you would cheat on me.”
“Yes; maybe if she had the chance to live a second life she would accept you. For this life, I think we shouldn’t delude ourselves. I guarantee you that tonight’s performance made you win hands down the trophy for the worst daughter-in-law she could hope for.”
“Very funny.”
“I told you, my mother doesn’t really like inventive people very much, but me, I’m rather intrigued by your imagination.”
“Stop playing with me. I’m sad that my plan failed at every level.”
“You would have liked me to let you win?”
“Certainly not. I would have wanted to win by making you lose your calm, not because you let me win.”
“I have a great idea for that,” he says as he gets closer and strokes my face. “It’s still my duty to help you win at least one point, and I know only one way to do that.”
“Not so fast,” I get away from his arms. “Maybe you explained Sara to everyone else, but I need more details.”
“I can promise you that she doesn’t kiss as well as you,” he says seriously.
“Too bad for you, because between her and me, she’s the only one with whom you’ll have a chance.”
He bursts into laughter and ruffles my hair. “Don’t you think you’ve lost enough for tonight? You really want to challenge me?”