Unscripted Love

by Kenzie Haven

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They warned me to stay away. But now that I tasted Ellie Huntly, I couldn’t let her go…

Everything about her drove me wild—her silky curves, her delectable lips, her mesmerizing eyes, and her addicting touch. Just the simple graze of her fingertips on my skin created a gluttonous need within me that only she could satisfy.

Every moment I was around her—even in public, I felt the need to ravish her and make her mine. Spending the summer alone with her only increased these uncontrollable urges. She was like a drug. One hit and I was in pure, delicious ecstasy. But when it was over, I only craved her more.

And that wasn’t good. If the media caught wind of our relationship, we’d both be done. Fired. I’d lose everything.

But I couldn’t let her go. I needed her and nothing would keep us apart.