Obsessed with the Billionaire

by Chelsea Cash

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Who knew that one night with a gorgeous billionaire could change me forever...

When my best friend dragged me to Vegas for the weekend and ordered me to get laid, I found the request almost laughable. Me—a shy school teacher getting plowed in Sin City? Yeah, right!

That was, until I met the hot, commanding Mr. Jakes. My night with him was the most intense, mind-blowing experience of my life, and I wanted more. The way his hands felt buried in my hair and the way he took control of my body would stay with me forever.

I knew he was a complete stranger, but I didn’t care. He awakened something wild within me, and only he could satisfy these newfound carnal cravings. I had one more night in Vegas, and I was determined to spend it with him deep inside of me.

But, would I ever be able to go back to my normal, boring life and forget about him once it was over?