Seduced by the Billionaire

by Chelsea Cash

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Who knew a weekend in Vegas could change so much…

The last several months of my life had been utterly bland. All I ever did was work. Don’t get me wrong, teaching was my passion, but there was nothing else exciting going on in my life. That was, until my best friend forced me into a weekend getaway to Vegas.

Her only stipulation for taking me? I had to get laid while there.
Yeah, right... I was a modest teacher for god’s sake!

But then I met Mr. Jakes—the tall, dominant billionaire who made me hot and bothered in all the right places. He was the most gorgeous man on the planet, and that wasn’t only according to me.

Just looking into his piercing green eyes made every cell in my body tingle with ravenous excitement. The thought of him touching me—no, kissing me everywhere made me want to combust with him deep inside of me.

I never wanted any man more than I wanted him, but he was a complete stranger. Could I pleasure a delicious billionaire and not look back?