The Macabre Masterpiece: Repressed Carnage:

by Justin Bienvenue

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The Macabre..Masterpiece..has returned..A book so chilling it would give Poe nightmares
What is our fascination with the dark?A collection of sixty horror poems within five chapters, each a place that represents horror during it’s finest moments. You thought the Macabre Masterpiece was done telling it’s story and scaring the wits out of people? Well you thought wrong. The Macabre Masterpiece is back with new tales to tell. Ones that are not only more shocking and grotesque but downright disturbing and sinister. They test the fiber of one’s being and whether or not they have the will to keep reading. The poems within are morbidly horrific and expand the mind to what scare’s it the most. Repressed Carnage is here and when it comes to the threshold of horror..anything goes.
The places you will go:CryptCemeteryThe MorgueAn AsylumThe CrematoriumA creepy and scary collection filled with thrills and chills that continues where the first left off, only this time nothing will be left out because when it comes to horror there is no filter..Check out the book that will have everyone keeping their lights on and be too afraid to talk aboutFace your demons, grab yourself a copy!