Confessions of a Transgal: A Special Delivery

by Jacqueline Oasis

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Confessions of a Transgal
It was the 1980s when Jackie went off to college. Born and raised in Beverly Hills, she'd always been aware of the fact that she lived a pretty charmed life.

Her father was a Hollywood executive, her mother a socialite, and they were the most accepting parents a kid like her could ask for. When she still went by the name "Jack" and told them she wanted to transition into a transwoman, neither of them batted an eyelid. They would finally get the daughter they always had!

But the charmed life had its price too. She was not always prepared for everything the big bad world was going to throw at her. Good thing she's got a stiff upper lip. Among other things.

This is the start of her journey through life. Get ready to follow her through the '80s, '90s and into the 21st Century.

A Special Delivery
The summer after graduating high school with honors, she received a letter from the college of her choosing informing her that they would not permit her to enroll as a female student. Before plotting her response, her favorite pizza boy drove by with his regular Saturday Special.

This story contains explicit hot sex between transgender and cisgender adults.