by Pamela Daniell

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Getting the flu for her seventeenth birthday wasn’t exactly the gift Jenna Morgan was hoping for. It meant no party, no friends, and no fun. But when she recovers, Jenna feels better than well, she feels changed. And when her mom takes her to the local flea market, something they both love, it’s almost enough to make Jenna forget the haunting dreams she’s been having of two faceless boys on a distant beach, each one beckoning her to come with him
Then a strange man at the market gifts Jenna a pendant, and her mom freaks out. She drags Jenna home and suddenly announces they’re moving and it’s important she tells no one.
Jenna knows they’re on the run from someone or something, but she doesn’t know what. And she’ll lose much more than her normal life and her senior year before she finds out why both angels and demons are hunting her.