Royal Duty

by Leila Haven

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When I was a prince, I was used to getting whatever I wanted. As the new King, I can simply demand it.

With Melody at my side I was on top of the world. There was little more a man could desire. Nothing could bring me down, especially not when I was on top of her.

Then reality struck. The king has great power, but with it a great responsibility. Every choice I made was scrutinized by my subjects and even more so by the countries we bordered with. Longtime alliances that my father worked so hard to maintain were threatening to slip through my fingers.

All eyes were on me... would I be able to fill my father’s shoes and maintain prosperity in Illium? Would Melody stay by my side through the good times and the bad?

I pictured a fairytale life when I married the man of my dreams and the King of our people. We would sail the oceans; we’d see the world. People would adore us as we brought wealth and prosperity to Illium.

Apparently, all that was nothing more than a fantasy.

Rick and I had barely seen each other since the wedding. We didn’t even get a honeymoon. The stress was weighing on him and I felt powerless to help.

Worse yet, we were under pressure to produce an heir. Rick’s mother was breathing threats down my neck that there was no place for me in Rick’s life if I couldn’t get pregnant. The entire country was counting on us... on me to have his baby.

But, the tests kept coming back negative. I love him and I can’t lose him, what am I going to do if I can’t bear his child?