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Walk Beside Me

HJ Bellus

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When Tess was forced to leave town, she vowed never to return. That meant no Finn and no Finn meant a life filled with heartache. It wasn’t her choice, but what in her life has been? Tess was never one to believe in fairytales while growing up, and her past has only confirmed her skepticism.

With a baby on the way and her family needing her, Tess has no choice but to go back to the small town she never thought she’d have to step foot in again. She has been gone for six months and a lot can happen in that time. Tess is slapped with this reality just when she thinks life couldn't get any more complicated.

This is Tess and Finn's ending...but will it be a happy one? Will Tess finally believe fairytales exist?

Contemporary Romance General Romance New Adult Romance
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