Curvy Seduction: Anonymous: A Curvy Love Series - Part Four

by Aidy Award

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Curvy Girls want to get their Domme on!
Angelina has taken herself and her harem boys down to Austin, TX to begin her training to be a Dominatrix at The Red Ranch, with-out Grayson.
She's ready to do whatever she must for her training, but her sexy new trainer demands to remain anonymous, hiding behind a mask.
He and his need for her to submit to him are all too familiar. He pushes her boundaries, her limits, and her buttons.
But, Angelina has figured out exactly how to push back. It’s time to get her Domme on.

Curvy Seduction: Anonymous is the fourth in a six-part serial telling the story of BBW and curvy girl extraordinaire, Angelina, also known as the present-day owner of Angels & Devils, the BDSM club from the Curvy Love series.
Each part has a full story, but will leave you wanting oh, so much more from this tempting couple.
You'll have lots of fun getting more and more of Gray and An-gel's story in each part of this curvy seduction.