by Zoe Perdita

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Humans nearly died out over a hundred years ago, but the age of wolves is just beginning. . .

Alphas rule what’s left of the world, and humans are little more than slaves. If a human is lucky enough to get bitten by an alpha, a whole new world opens up to them. A world of danger and luxury – sex and submission to their alpha.

Trent Yagami, alpha wolf, needs all the power he can get to rule Neo-Tokyo. But when Akito, the human who is supposed to be his omega, disappears he puts his plans on hold. Saving his omega is more important than anything – even revenge.

The only thing Akito Izumi wants from his alpha is the bite that would finally turn him from useless human into a wolf capable of protecting himself and the men he loves – Trent and their beta wolf, Cole. However, his alpha refuses to give it. Then the most powerful wolf in Neo-Tokyo attacks, and Akito is torn between the will of two alpha wolves—the one Akito loves and the one who’s willing to bite him.

While Akito fights for what he wants, is Trent’s desire enough to bring Akito back to his embrace?

Contains: graphic gay sex, ménage, and graphic violence.