Hunter & Hunted

by Zoe Perdita

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Spence Bennett ran away from home right after he graduated high school. Life has to be better on the streets than dealing with his unloving parents and the secrets he keeps from them—the secrets that could put him in a lab. Then Hunter Westing saves Spence and reminds him that he isn't alone. Plus, Hunter's sexy (and kinky) as hell, and for some reason, he likes keeping Spence around.

Hunter isn't sure what to make of Spence when they first meet, but Hunter knows he needs to protect the kid from the evil that lurks in the shadows of Darkvale City. Spence is too special to be sullied by it, and he reminds Hunter of a friend he let die. But Hunter didn’t expect to fall for Spence, only the more time they spend together, the hotter things get.

However, both Spence and Hunter have secrets from their pasts that could tear them apart, even more so than the mysterious vigilante who stalks them through the night.

While lust burns between them, can they trust enough to fall in love?
Contains graphic gay sex and violence.

This book stands on it’s own, but it’s the first in a companion series to Broken Heroes. For more of the story check out Titan in Chains (Broken Heroes Book One).