Code Blue: A Shadow Riders MC

by Kiki Leach

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This book breaks all the rules put in place for traditional romance.
Lying. Cheating. Stealing. Tons of swearing & death.
It shows the uglier, more unpleasant side of being part of an MC.
No kittens. Bunnies. Flowers, hearts or candy.
No roses & barely even sanity.
It shows how hurt, pain, betrayal & death can haunt the ever loving sh!t out of the living.
It's gritty. Raw. Nasty. Angry. Over the top & in your face salacious.
It will snatch you from your comfort zone.
It will offend you. It will disgrace you.
It will chew you up, spit you out & ask that you still have more.
It'll be too much for some & not enough for others.
It makes no apologies & pulls no punches.
If you think you can you handle all of that and then some?
Read on.

"That piece of sh!t motherf#$ker ain't ever gonna love you the way you wanna be loved, baby; from inside that big goddamn heart you've got -- straight down to that slick, sweet spot right between those f#$kin' thighs. And I know this sh!t for a fact. I know it for a single goddamn fact that as much as you might try and deny it, as much as you might try and pretend that every goddamn thing we've done up to this point don't matter for the sake of your sanity and a relationship that don't mean sh!t, there ain't never gonna be another motherf#$ker on God's green earth that's gonna love you as hard as I can... love you as hard as you're gonna need -- as hard as you f#$kin' deserve... love you like the goddamn queen you are 'til the end of f#$kin' time."

Two shattered hearts formed one unbelievably solid bond.

From the minute he was patched into the Shadow Riders MC, Anthony 'Blue' DaSilva had only ever been tasked with caring about these things: His club. His booze. P*ssy. And his bike. But since being appointed VP by his best friend and current club president, Jacob 'River' Hawkins, he's now been tasked with making sure his fellow brother doesn't die thanks to jealous and angry members from within, and outside of the club. It doesn't seem like too difficult of a task for the former Sergeant-At-Arms considering he's always been quick on his feet and even quicker with his gun. But when things get too far out of control one night and tragedy strikes a fellow member, he's forced to make a decision that could not only bring more unwanted grief to the club, but unwanted grief upon himself.

Roxanne Townsend never wanted much from life, aside from finding various ways to get the hell out of the one she had been forced into living from the time she was a child. Born & raised in the Raging Bastards of Chaos, she saw the ugliest parts of MC life, parts that included losing her father, and former president of the club, at the hands of another when she was just five years old. Now at twenty-seven, she's determined as hell to break free, refusing to continue swimming in a life that's done nothing but attempt to drown her in a black hole. Unfortunately it's when things start looking up for her that the past comes calling in the form of a one-time enemy. The Shadow Riders need help from her uncle, current president of the Raging Bastards. And lacking the good fortune of her mother to get out while she still can, she somehow finds herself in the middle of a pending war.

When she meets Blue, all internal hell breaks loose. He's someone she can talk and relate to. Someone who listens and understands. He makes her feel whole again, makes her laugh and see that some parts of the MC life are not as bad as she's always known. But things aren't always what they seem on the surface, and what starts as pure friendship becomes an uncontrollable lust; what grows from that lust turns into an undying need, and insatiable kind of love. One so heart-wrenchingly enduring that once the lies, deceit & betrayal plaguing what they've built become exposed, is bound to destroy one of them forever, or kill them both together.