Royal Scandal

by Leila Haven

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As a prince, I'm used to getting whatever I want. As THE prince, I'm used to getting whoever I want--And I have her. But happiness can be harder to manage than it seems.

Melody, my soon-to-be-wife and future queen, couldn't be more perfect. From the alluring curves of her voluptuous body to the way she makes me want to be a better person, I'm insatiable around her. Every waking moment away from her is time spent fantasizing about how or where I'm going to rip her clothes off next; at the top of the highest tower in the palace, in a closet between princely meetings, or even under a table at our engagement party.

She’s everything I have ever dreamed of. It's perfect.

Except for the fact that the kingdom is in utter peril due to my father's rapidly declining health. If he perishes before I'm wed, I won’t be the one inheriting the kingdom. Instead, the bloodline will shift and my unfit uncle will be our new king.

I can't let that happen, and I'll do whatever it takes to block that man from ruling Illium. Even if that means telling my beloved Melody whatever she needs to hear so that she agrees to reschedule our wedding from next year to next week.

With our go-to coordinator of all things royal Anna at the helm, we can pull this wedding off. But Anna and Melody seem to have some unexplained tension that I can't quite put my finger on.

With everyone trying to tear us apart and my looming secret creeping out of the shadows, we’ll need more than a miracle to make this happen.

The clock starts now!