Autobiography of a Terrorist: A journey from Death to Life

by Raj

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What would you do if your family is murdered in front of your eyes?

What would you do if the women of your family are gang-raped in front of your eyes?

What would you do if you are a helpless victim of a so-called religious riot?

Would you wait for the law to take its course or would you stand up to take revenge on your own?

A young boy decided to take revenge and this book details his journey towards becoming a dreaded bomb expert from an off-shoot group of Al-Qaeda, trained in Pakistan and involved in bombings across Afghanistan, Algeria and India. However, his life takes another dramatic turn. Fate had something strange in store for him. Read the book to find out about his death and rebirth.

The book is a broth of emotional turmoils and would tell you a lot about a terrorist's state of mind upon self-realization.