Let It Simmer: Making Project, Portfolio and Program Management Practices Stick in a Skeptical Organization

by Douglas M. Brown

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Why can't most organizations seem to get project, portfolio and program management off the ground, despite all the books that are written these governance disciplines? Is there something you can do to make your organization one of those that do live up to expectations?

Actually, the best practice books are right … in the long-term; it's the initial approach that's often wrong. You can't cure a patient by administering an overdose. Right medicine, wrong treatment. Best practices are where you aspire to get, not where you start out. But how do you get organized enough to start thinking about best practices?

Welcome to Let It Simmer, a step-by-step guide to implementing governance practices using The Simmer System SM. Dr. Douglas Brown developed the system during 20-plus years as a PMO Director and as a consultant in both public and private sectors, helping organizations set these management disciplines up or get them back on track.

Introducing governance is a big change. People are always concerned about how change will impact them, and many senior managers see the arrival of management discipline as an attack on their freedom of action. The Simmer System shows you how to make this change happen with a minimum of conflict by helping your colleagues collaborate to help themselves, rather than attacking you for trying to make them do it.

Let It Simmer explains how to implement the components, illustrates them with numerous case studies, and provides practical exercises that show you how to implement the system in your own organization (or your client's).