Destiny Undone 3: Sexy Billionaire Romance

by Amanda Heartley

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The heat at Destiny Beach is rising!
Gabe’s relationship with his mom is tested when he refuses to fall in with her plans for his life. He’s got his own agenda… to be with his girl, but mom isn’t going to make it easy, and she’s not the only one trying to mess with his head.

Meanwhile, Pepper’s got her own problems. She’s grown from a carefree Destiny Beach celeb, to a young woman with a purpose in life. But just when she's starting to feel good about her new-found direction, she's been left shocked and devastated by her dad’s revelation, and her once comfortable world is now shattered.

On the warm and sunny Gulf Coast, Gabe’s boat has been a haven for some seriously hot liaisons, but there’s still no plain sailing in sight for these two. Will Gabe hold firm and fight for his girl, or is the drama becoming too much for him and his previously, uncomplicated life? Can Pepper make sense of her dad’s bombshell and find her true self? ...or will she give up on her man and sink further into her sadness?

Find out if their love can survive in this third installment of Destiny Undone!